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At McRae Landscaping we do all we can to be environmentally friendly, including offering organic fertilizing.

While chemical fertilizers are now being seen to cause widespread harm to the natural environment, and pesticides can be unsafe for children and pets, organic fertilizing is guilt-free and worry-free – completely safe for humans, animals, and the earth.

Changing From Chemical Fertilizer To Organic?

A lawn which is accustomed to years of chemical fertilizing may be a little confused at first when switching to organics. A chemical fertilizer is basically a sugar rush for the lawn, an instant gratification which in a sense builds up a sort of addiction in the grass. For the first year, you may want to apply a double dose of organic fertilizer to compensate for this addiction.

You Can Apply As Much Organic Fertilizer You Want.

Because there are no salts or ureas in organic fertilizer, as there are in chemical fertilizers, there is no danger of burning the lawn. You can, therefore, put down as much as you like. The more you put down, within reason, the better your results will be. Typically, we’ll apply five pounds of organic fertilizer per 1,000 square feet, but if you would like to double that we’d charge only 50% more.

Example: your price per application is $100, add double dose for $150

Estimating Your Cost Per Application

Estimating your cost is easy. Figure how many thousands of square feet of lawn you have, and multiply this number by $15. Large lawns may qualify for a discount. There are four applications of fertilizer and one of lime per season, beginning in mid-April; you may opt for a winterizer application in fall as well.

Example: You have 4,000 square feet of lawn, so you would multiply 4 times 15 and get a price of $60 per application.